A word by First President of the Republic of Tatarstan

Earth is sacred for life. It requires special attention and protection. Very important is that the Earth Charter not simply seeks the resolution of environmental issues, but also asserts the most important social values: culture of peace, concord and social justice.

Over the past few years the Republic of Tatarstan has been successfully implementing the large scale programmes on environmental education and the development of an economic mechanism of environmental management. The Republic of Tatarstan created the State Register of specially protected natural territories; constructed and published, for the first time in Russia, a map of environmental situation in the Republic of Tatarstan; issued the Red and the Green Books of the Republic of Tatarstan; developed and is currently implementing the "Pure Water" state programme.

The positive experience of Tatarstan was highly appreciated by international organisations. The republic began the experiment on the application of principles of the Earth (Planet) Charter – a document prepared under the UN aegis by experts from many countries of the world and whose aim is to develop a new approach to universal values with due account for environmental protection requirements.

I hope that the Earth Charter will play a consolidating role for all peoples of the world in our common effort to preserve the biosphere and ensure the harmonious development of our planet.

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